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Designed with shooting in mind

From small productions to gigantic, we've got you covered. We are well equipped to cover all your production needs. From a simple green screen interview, to a three camera shoot that’s streamed live. 4K if you want it. Studio A is 2300 square feet with one of the biggest continuous cyclorama walls in Arizona. It has drive-in loading, heavy power & AC, full grid, lighting, and grip equipment. Studio B is a 550 square foot turnkey green screen or backdrop shooting area for interviews, tabletop, and blogger video. 


At Great Scott Productions, every room is designed as a shooting space!

  • 2 New Stages with 3 Station Make-Up/Wardrobe Room

  • 525 sq. ft. Working Shooting Kitchen/Dining Room

  • 500 sq. ft. "Super Suite" with 70" 4K TV. Use as Green Room or set as a Living Room, Play Room, Gaming Theater, Bedroom, or Den

  • Executive Offices

  • Cubicle Bullpen or Conference Room

  • Reception Area

  • High Speed Fiber Connected

  • MacPro Edit Bays with Adobe Premier Creative Cloud

  • ProTools Audio Record and Mix Studio

  • Great location, just blocks from Chase Field

  • 500 square feet

  • 20' x 25' studio

  • Walls and Windows

  • Set as living room/bedroom/conference room/den

  • Electric and power (200 amps total)

  • 525 square feet

  • 25' x 21 fully operational kitchen/dining studio

  • 2,300 square feet (1,200 sq. ft. shooting space)

  • 32' x 40' hard wall cyc

  • Full grip package

  • Full lighting package

  • Heavy electric and power (1,800 amps total)

  • (2) 7 ton air handlers

  • Studio accessible through 12 x 12 overhead door

  • Private green room - Super Suite w/ 70' 4K TV

  • Private Dressing/Make-Up room

Studio A

Studio B

Kitchen Studio

Super Suite

  • 550 square feet

  • 25' x 22' stage

  • Green Screen or Drop

  • Small lighting package

  • Electric and power (400 amps total)

Brilliant Creative
Award Winning Video Production
Cutting Edge Editing
Stunning Sound Design
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